Meet the Artist

Rudolf (Rudy) Walker originally from Ft. Pierce, Florida is a 2nd generation Florida Highwaymen.

Rudy began to realize his art abilities as early as elementary school.  He was honored by the opportunity to paint seasonal images on the windows as decorations for their school house.

Rudy describes himself as an artist because he has talents beyond painting that include drawing and singing.  He really didn’t start investing fully in his talent as a painter until he retired.  When he retired, he made all the investments needed in order to hone in and express  his gift through canvas oil paintings.  One of his church members introduced him to one of the original Florida Highwaymen, Al Black.  Mr. Black has been an inspiration and mentor to Rudy and under his supervision he was introduced into the art movement. 

Rudy enjoys the beauty of what he sees and put on canvas.  Everything he gets comes from God.  God gives him the vision and he tells God Thank You.  God is responsible for his progress and Rudy is thankful for this gift.

Rudy was also known for his talents growing up as a great basketball player and he is also a veteran of the United States Navy.